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Why Milky?

We believe that silk is the future of lashes. Lighter, softer, and longer-lasting than mink and faux mink alternatives. Always made cruelty-free, these handcrafted lashes are natural and wispy, designed to replicate and enhance your natural beauty. Our flexible cotton thread band disappears into your natural lash line and allows for seamless lash application, simple even for newbies. Say goodbye to drooping eyes and lashes that lose their curl after a few uses. Join the silk lash revolution.


Meet the Milky Difference ♡ 


About Us

Milky Lashes is run by two best friends, Kate (18) and Christina (20). They noticed that there weren't many options on the market for natural, lightweight lashes catering to a variety of eye shapes and lids. The two were inspired to create a brand that specialized in handcrafted silk lashes – comfortable for all-day wear, cruelty-free, and affordable. 

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